since version function
0.99.1 fancy login masks (rb)
0.99.2 new login program (rb)
0.99.3 support for shadow (rb)
0.99.4 support for restrictions on which users are allowed to log on to which terminals (rb)
0.99.5 extended logging capabilities (rb)
0.99.6 support for "network-stuff" in usertty (rb)
0.99.6 support for time-specifications in usertty (jl)
0.99.6 support for data, inserted in mask (ak)
0.99.7 fancylogin now works without ncurses, only writing ANSI escape codes to the terminal (ak).
0.99.7 a new theme format obsoletes the old one, holding all information in one file (rb).
N/A extra network administration functionality (LMP: login management protocol). every login could be sent to a central login management server, so humans can watch all login and logout activities in there network. users that are already logged in could be asked, whether they want login to be granted, ... (rb)
N/A support for chipcards. a user will only have to insert a chipcard into a towitoko chipcard-drive to log on. (jl)