known bugs

bug tester patch fancylogin version
fancylogin doesn't work with MD5-passwords Kobaz mi'Daire (fixed in 0.99.7) 0.99.6
path-variable isn't set Thomas Wernitz #0001 0.99.6
problems starting up XFree X11-Servers compiled with PAM-Security Thomas Wernitz #0002, #0003 0.99.6
motd isn't printed on login Jimmy Richards (fixed in 0.99.7) 0.99.6
when defining more than 10 characters for maximum password-length, authentication fails Jochen Landvoigt (fixed in 0.99.7) 0.99.6
date and location of last login isn't printed out Jochen Landvoigt (fixed in 0.99.7) 0.99.6
themes only work on terminals with the size the themes were designed for lots of people to be fixed 0.99.7